Why Digital Business Kits (DBK)?

The Digital Business Kits Program provides funding to industry peak bodies to develop and promote tailored ‘how-to’ guides. These guides help businesses build skills and knowledge to engage in the digital economy and take advantage of opportunities offered by high-speed broadband.

DBKs address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge. They help small to medium enterprises use innovative digital and high-speed broadband-enabled platforms to engage with clients, market products and services, and enhance business processes.

DBKs include tutorials and case studies that show how connecting to high-speed broadband can improve interactions with customers and suppliers, support cloud computing and expand access to new markets. Each Kit is regularly updated with the latest information and resources.

The Australian services sector:

The services sector in Australia provides more than 75 percent of gross value added economic activity and more than 80 percent of employment. It’s by far the single most important sector to Australia’s current and future economic prosperity.

It also provides the greatest potential for Australia to improve its long-term balance of trade issues – by smart development of high-value, knowledge-intensive services capabilities here in Australia, we have a great opportunity to participate effectively in the massive economic growth predicated for the Asian region.

Web: www.australianservicesroundtable.com.au 

Not in the Professional Services Sector?

The DBKs are free resources that have been designed to address industry-specific digital awareness gaps and promote increased use of innovative digital solutions in most industry sectors.  If you’re not from the Professional Services Sector, but are still interested in this free training, the Government has funded other industry peak bodies to provide training for you and your business depending on your industry sector.  Other sites you may find useful are:

Arts, Recreation  and Education Services

Construction and Building related trades Sector

Community and Social Services Sector

Early Childhood Education and Care Sector

Healthcare Sector

Manufacturing Sector

Restaurant and Catering Sector

Retail Sector