DBK twelve

Continuing professional development

About the program

This program has been developed by the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects. The online course provides participants with an understanding of doing business digitally and explores a range of case studies of small to medium professional services firms, how they have leveraged data sharing, social media and cloud technology to market and grow their business, connect with clients and improve business efficiency.

Formal assessment

This program has been designed to offer Australian Institute of Architects member’s formal CPD points. To complete the digital kit as a formal CPD task, Institute members will need to register with the Institute, follow the guide in the booklet provided and complete the formal assessment questionnaire. The course guide is designed for members and highlights digital technologies and case studies specifically relevant to Architects.

The formal course concludes with registered members having the opportunity to participate in an online group with an expert panel of digital specialists via the business-oriented social networking service, Linkedin.

To maximise the benefits for this component of the course, participants must have an active Linkedin account. Registration to Linkedin is free, takes less than 2 minutes and can be done directly through their website au.linkedin.com

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, attendees will be able to

  • Understand how the Digital Business Kits can benefit small to medium businesses
  • Identify a range of potential technology solutions and how such technology can be best used by smaller businesses
  • Examine a range of case studies to highlight how technology has enabled business solutions
  • Access and get the most from the Digital Business Kits

Level and type of Assessment

  • AACA Competency of Practice Management
  • Formal CPD
  • Formal questions to be provided in the information package course notes
  • Answers will be provided on request from participants in the Q&A forum

Structure and Delivery Method

  • Allow 10 minutes to register with the Institute of Architects
  • Allow 2 hours to complete the program
  • Allow 10-15 minutes to download and print course program and join Institute Online CPD Linkedin group
  • Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to participate in the online Q&A via Linkedin


Digital Expert Panel

Jamie Warner

CEO, eNerds

Fiona Smith

Creative Director, Blueboat

Vivianne Arnold

Co-founder & CEO, Franklin Phillips

Participant Journey

1. Registration

Participants will register for the course directly through the Australian Institute of Architects website.

2. Course Program Booklet

After registering, participants will be sent a Course Program booklet as a PDF that can be printed and written on for learning and assessment. This will guide you through the CPD program and link you to the relevant learning modules. The guide is structured so participants can follow along through the learning modules preparing them for the assessment and discussion opportunities.

3. Linkedin (optional)

  • Join Linkedin (if not already a member)
  • Select Groups from the menu
  • Type ‘Institute Online CPD’ in the search
  • Join the group for ‘Institute Online CPD’
  • Create and participate in discussions with other participants and our digital expert panel

4. Complete Course Program

The course program is designed for businesses with a low – medium experience level in digital technologies and strategy. It will guide participants through the online resource modules, videos and case studies. Participants are encouraged to do internet searching to complement their learning – especially for the digital business activities that are particularly relevant to their business.

5. CPD Assessment

Participants will be able to complete the formal CPD questions by reading the digital business kits and watching the films and case studies. Assessment will be a multiple choice questionnaire. Participants will record their answers in their program booklet and are required to retain the booklet as a record of having completing the CPD activity.

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