CPD Program

Welcome to the Growing your Business with Technology program.

The videos below are real world case studies and advice from experts in the fields of IT services, digital media, and cloud computing for SMEs. The videos should be watched in conjunction with their corresponding module to build your understanding and assist you to complete the CPD.

This program has been developed by the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Architects.

Formal CPD Assessment

This program has been designed to offer Australian Institute of Architects member’s formal CPD points. To complete the digital kit as a formal CPD task, Institute members will need to register with the Institute, follow the guide in the booklet provided and complete the formal assessment questionnaire. The course guide is designed for members and highlights digital technologies and case studies specifically relevant to Architects. 

The formal course concludes with registered members having the opportunity to participate in an online group with an expert panel of digital specialists via the business-oriented social networking service, Linkedin. 

To maximise the benefits for this component of the course, participants must have an active Linkedin account. Registration to Linkedin is free, takes less than 2 minutes and can be done directly through their website au.linkedin.com

The experts

Fiona Smith

Creative Director, Blueboat

Blueboat is a brand communication and design studio.

In this series their Creative Director Fiona Smith talks about digital marketing. Including ways to get the most out of your website, social media and developing rich content.

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Jamie Warner

CEO, eNerds

eNerds is an IT services firm that delivers innovative and up to the minute IT solutions to small – medium businesses.

Jamie talks through ways you can improve your IT services to increase efficiency, protect sensitive data and save money.

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“Your website is the central hub of you digital marketing strategy”

Learn about the importance of a company website, and tips on how to get the most out of it for your business.

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Social media

“Social media offers a chance to be more personal than your website, keep you brand values and personality as your guide”

Learn how to leverage social media to engage and expand you audience or client base.

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Rich content

“Unique photography and engaging video content are powerful ways to communicate your businesses offer online”

Fiona discusses the growing importance of rich content in your digital marketing strategy.

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“It’s so important to be available to your clients… the highly value accessibility “ The benefits and considerations of using telework are discussed by our three industry experts:

Ian Birks – Former CEO, Australia Services Roundtable

Paul Meissner – Director, 5Ways Group

Tony Moodie – Founding Principal, Moodie & Associates

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The Cloud

“In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing data, programs and services on the internet.”

CEO of eNerds Jamie Warner, discusses the advantages of moving all or part of your IT requirements to the cloud.

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IT Services

“The most common IT set up turns out to be a hybrid of on premises infrastructure and cloud services”

Jamie Warner provides an overview of some of the hardware and cost considerations involved when moving IT service to the cloud.

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